Prior to Reading Kingdom, I co-founded Wildform, an award-winning video, presentation and animation software company that created dozens of consumer products for Windows & Mac in the US, Asia and Europe as well as cloud-based software. Wildform created Flix, the first Flash video encoding software which revolutionized the web video landscape. I sold the Flix product line to On2 Technologies which was subsequently acquired by Google. As part of On2’s acquisition by Google, Wildform, working with Google, released the first video encoder that used the new WebM video format. In addition to creating consumer software, I also licensed Wildform’s technology to leading companies such as Sony, Quark, Autodesk, and Adobe.

And back when the internet was just series of tubes I created and sold, one of the first music and band sites. At Tropia we created the first e-commerce enabled streaming radio station and made the first and only free online distribution license for a Bob Marley song (“Splish For My Splash”).

You can read a selection of reviews for some of my products here.

Receiving the award for best innovation in learning technology

Since I was a young grasshopper, I’ve spent many moons studying martial arts, meditation, and Eastern philosophy and this has led me to write on these subjects. I am the co-author, with one of my teachers, of Secrets of Dragon Gate: Ancient Taoist Practices for Health, Wealth and the Art of Sexual Yoga, published by Tarcher/Penguin, the premier publisher of mind, body, and spirit titles, that details the history, philosophy and core practices of the 800 year old Dragon Gate Taoist tradition. On behalf of another teacher I authored Still as a Mountain, Powerful as Thunder (Shambhala Publications), which is about Yi Chuan Buddhist chi gung and meditation.