I’m currently working on a time shattering documentary called “Bible All Stars Reunion Tour,” about the most important and best selling book of all time .

“Bible All Stars Reunion Tour” reveals age-old mysteries:

• Who created the workout routine that enabled Noah to build the ark at 500?

• What was Moses’ secret 11th commandment?

• Why is the word “psalm” spelled with a “p” if you don’t pronounce it?

Previously I made “Sex, Drugs & Bicycles,” an award-winning, feature-length documentary that answers the question of whether having month-long double-paid vacations, no fear of homelessness, and universal healthcare is the nightmare we’ve been warned about.

“For anyone who still believes documentaries are dry and boring, the cure is Sex, Drugs & Bicycles!” – David Ferguson, International Policy Digest

You can read more about “Sex, Drugs & Bicycles” here. You can watch the film on on most streaming platforms.

I’m also developing two new documentary projects, “Talking to Animals” a documentary about animal consciousness and “How’s Your Democracy” a TV show about how the world’s healthiest, wealthiest and happiest countries got that way.”

I am currently developing two new feature film projects based on scripts I have written “Shaolin Kid,” an action oriented, family film, and “Zentropy,” a comedy.”

Here are a few other films I’ve made:

Sex, Drugs & Democracy
“A seductive argument” — Roger Ebert
An award-winning documentary feature and arthouse hit that takes a provocative look at morality & politics.

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Anarchy TV
“A wild, crazy and twisted comedy!” — KRON-TV
A comedy starring starring Alan Thicke, the four children of anarchist rocker, Frank Zappa: Dweezil, Moon, Ahmet & Diva, George Wendt, Mink Stole, and Timothy Leary.

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Collecting America
“Fascinating…3 ½ stars” — NY Newsday
A documentary that takes a satirical look at the baseball memorabilia collecting frenzy. Starring Hank Aaron, Duke Snider, Lou Brock, Keith Hernandez, and Brooks Robinson.

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With counterculture icon, Timothy Leary, on the set of “Anarchy TV.”

With musician, Fink, on the set of “Sex, Drugs & Bicycles.”

You can read some reviews of my films here.