Phonics teaches kids how to say words. Reading Kingdom teaches kids what words say. It’s a huge difference.

Reading is the single most important skill a child will ever learn. It is the prerequisite for all other learning. Shockingly, government figures show that 2 out of 3 children are failing to become proficient readers (source: US Dept. of Education). And children who don’t master reading by the end of third grade are four times more likely to drop out than better readers.

Until now, educators relied almost exclusively on phonics to teach reading skills. But only 1 out of 5 words can be sounded out & there are 1,768 ways to spell 40 common sounds. Consider the sentence to the right where “ea” can be pronounced 13 different ways!

Reading Kingdom, on the other hand, uses a new “phonics plus” model of reading instruction that features innovative techniques to teach all the reading & writing skills in an integrated fashion so that they complement and reinforce each other while fostering comprehension at every level. The result is that children become successful readers.

The Reading Kingdom also sells numerous other online and offline educational products designed to teach reading, writing comprehension. These products include, Counting Kingdom, Story Smarts, and Spelling Ninja.